A sister site to Atelier-soda.com, we are a doll boutique that focuses primarily on clothing for fashion dolls. For clothing for Asian ball-jointed dolls, please visit Atelier-soda.com!

We take orders by e-mail, so please kindly refer to our FAQ for our order form! ^_^

We make clothing in various sizes based on the dolls that we have, but may also be able to make custom sized commissions depending on the outfit. Because each and every one of our outfits are meticulously handcrafted by very skilled Thai seamstresses, it takes around 2-3 weeks to complete an order. However, we take great care in handling every order.

As we will be updating with new designs for all categories in the future, please definitely come back to check our website.

Meanwhile, please take your time to look around our shop!

April 13, 2012:
- Happy Thai New Year! :) We have 1 new outfit in this update from the Haute Couture section:

February 28, 2012:
- We had to temporarily close shop towards the end of last year due to the flood situation in Thailand, but we've recovered and are working hard on completing customer orders.We can also start taking orders now! :)
- Meanwhile, we have 2 new outfits in this update from the Haute Couture section:

August 8, 2011:
- We're currently working hard on completing all current orders and will contact you when your order is ready! :) However, if you'd like to know your order status, please feel free to ask us via e-mail!
- Meanwhile, we have 4 new outfits in this update from the RTW, Glamour Line, and Haute Couture sections:


June 30, 2011:
- We can now make outfits in Deva Doll size! :)
- We have 2 new outfits in this update from the Glamour Line and Haute Couture sections:

June 14, 2011:
- Guest gallery section is updated; thank you so much fors haring with us your beautiful photos! :)
- We'll be updating the website with new designs shortly, so please feel free to check back when you have the chance!

March 19, 2011:
- We're proud to announce the opening of our website! :) www.viva-soda.com is a sister site to www.atelier-soda.com that is an online boutique for Asian ball-jointed dolls.
- Please feel free to check out our offerings in the following categories: Ready-to-Wear, Glamour Line, and Haute Couture :)
- Guest gallery section is updated! :)